Barnabás Börcsök

Passionate about the intersection of art and technology.

Hi, it's me, Barney ― welcome to my corner of the web!

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Update (2022 Fall): After a quite eventful and inspiring exchange year at TUM, I am back at TU Budapest, working on my bachelor’s thesis “Controlling Laplacian Eigenfluids with Differentiable Physics”.

Right now I am in Munich on a year long Erasmus Exchange Programme, studying Informatics at the Technical University of Munich, while originally pursuing a Computer Engineering Bachelor’s degree at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

From performing in theater plays, drawing, animating, making music and being part of (and eventually leading) a student-led vocational Design Studio at my university, I always found myself drawn right where the technology and the arts meet. Led by curiosity and interest in mathematics and engineering, I ended up pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, where I got fascinated by the current advancements in computer graphics research, and took special interest in the area during my university years.

I also love running, (making and listening to) music, playing cardboard games, cooking, watching movies and series, and just simply having a great time with friends.

I am happy to share with you tidbits from my life and stuff I find interesting.