Barnabás Börcsök

Passionate about the intersection of art and technology.

My Projects

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Image-based Sports Detection

Deep Learning Python Keras OpenCV
2021 Spring
[Project Summary] [Git Repo]

We trained a neural network to identify the sport being played on any given image using a deep learning approach.

Fluid and Cloth Simulation

Computer Graphics Simulation Physically-based Simulation C++ OpenGL
2021 Spring
[Project Summary] [Git Repo]

Implemented a basic solution using the Smoothed-Particle Hydrodynamics and Position Based Dynamics methods.

Design Principles Workshop

design art workshop
2021 February, content in Hungarian
[Web/Live Version]

Put together and presented the “Design Principles” workshop in the 2020 Spring semester in our College for Advanced Studies. The recording is available on YouTube, along with all the other sessions we did that semester. (Content in Hungarian.)

Simulation of Curly Hair

C++ OpenGL Computer Graphics Simulation Physically-based Simulation
2020 Fall
[Project Summary] [Git Repo]

Studied current simulation methods, then implemented a basic hair simulation system using the Position Based Dynamics method.

Web Development Workshop

Web Workshop content in Hungarian
2020 Fall
[Git Repo] [Web/Live Version]

Put together and presented a two-part beginner’s web development workshop in the 2020 Fall semester in our College for Advanced Studies. See the git repository for details and recordings of the sessions. (Content in Hungarian.)


Web content in Hungarian
2020 Summer - 2021 Summer, project in Hungarian
[Git Repo] [Web/Live Version]

As then-web development mentor in our vocational college, I launched a statically generated and easily editable online knowledgebase project for Schönherz Design Studio, our design group in the Simonyi College for Advanced Studies. The main goal was to make it as easy as possible for team members to help others by publishing tutorials, write-ups and recordings of past presentations, as well as to make the onboarding process for new team members easier.

Interactive Voronoi Partitioner

C++ SDL2
2019 Fall
[Git Repo]

Implemented a basic Voronoi partitioner while learning C++ and the SDL2 graphics library.

Web-Browser Joystick

Web UI
2019 Fall
[Web/Live Version]

At our college an event is held every year where students turn the side of the college building (the biggest in the neighborhood) into a big led-display. In 2019, the developer team behind the project decided to accommodate a game, where more than a 1000 viewers could play on the display using their smartphones. I was part of the team that created the web-browser joystick for the game project.